Quantum Thermal Imaging Ltd.

What We Do

At Quantum Thermal Imaging we specialize in thermographic inspections of electrical equipment customized to suit our clients needs. We provide services to a number of different industries such as Industrial, Manufacturing, Commercial and Residential. 

What is an IR Inspection?

Utilizing an infrared camera the thermographer is able to detect an increase in temperature on electrical equipment. When an abnormal temperature reading is found the thermographer can then determine the likely cause based on the information collected. Increased temperature on electrical equipment is caused by a high resistance connection and can be caused by any of the following conditions:

  • Loose Connections
  • Corroded or Dirty Connections
  • Faulty Breakers
  • Faulty Fuses
  • Damaged switches
  • Overloaded/Imbalanced Circuits

Infrared inspections are a predictive maintenance tool that can identify many of the above issues and initiate corrective action prior to equipment failure. If left undetected many of the problems above can create large faults causing extensive damage leading to costly repairs, extensive downtime and loss in revenue.

Quantum Thermal Imaging Ltd. is a preferred service provider for Aviva Insurance.